Garment Bags

Protect your clothes investment with clear garment bags and covers. Keep dust off garments by keeping them covered, even in short term storage. Clear Garment covers are available in three sizes: 36/48/60" and are stocked for immediate despatch and boxed individually for in transit protection and storage. Customer specific perforation lengths can usually be manufactured. Crystal clear, heavy gauge Plastic garment bags that let you easily see what is inside, and the gusseted style helps them fit better over bulky items.


For good quality garment bags Polybags is the right place to go. Very good quality products at low cost!

How polythene garment bags are made?

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“ Most 'Pallet & Garment covers' are made from polyethylene; mostly from Low density polythene, which is made from crude oil and natural gas, non-renewable resources.
The most common way to produce 'polythene pallet or garment covers' is by blown film extrusion, also called the 'tubular film process'. However some pallet film also manufactured using Cast film. ”

Garment film

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“ Our garment film extend the life of your clothes. Store out-of season clothes in dust-proof bags. Keep expensive clothing protected year in year out. The clear poly plastic garment covers lets you see what's inside. Contour shaped to fit easily over any hanger. Guard against dirt, dust, discoloration and odors. ”

Types of Garment Bags

Used mostly by the apparel industry and dry cleaning services poly garment covers are available in trhee different sizes 36" for shirts/tshirts, 48" for jackets and the long 60" for dresses. These can also be printed with your store name or logo to help advertising your company at a much lower price!